What is a Wayla Mom?

As a mom, we have all been here before, sit back and close your eyes, let me set a nice little scene for you...

You are out with your child, having a nice afternoon at a park, and then all of a sudden the wind blows the wrong way, angering your bundle of joy, and your darling little one decides to throw the world's biggest tantrum.  As you try to calm your tiny human down, you see it.  The dreaded "look" that you get from everyone around you.  Let the judgements roll in!  How dare your child behave like that in public, you must be such a terrible mother, is what they are saying with their hard-staring eyes.  In your now flustered state, you make a run for it, on the longest journey ever to your car, distract your child so they don't see you, and sit there and cry.

This is where Wayla comes in.  Wayla simply stands for "What Are You Looking At"?  Seriously, what is everyone looking at!?!?  Don't even get me started on the ones who add their mouths in addition to burning right through our bodies with those eyes!  We live in a world where EVERYONE has an opinion, and they feel entitled to bestow their opinion on us, without us even asking for it!  Everyone seems to forget that they were once a child themselves, and that no one is perfect!

I wanted to create a safe haven for moms to come to where they could vent, get insight from other moms, share stories of their day, make each other laugh, and know they have a place to come to where they won't be judged.  Just be there for one another, instead of breaking each other down like I see so much in today's society!

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